Micon NDE offers all standard NDT methods employing state-of-the-art equipment. All equipment is easily portable for all filed applications.



Ultrasonic Testing is an efficient, accurate way to detect surface and internal flaws in critical components.

Micon NDE skilled technicians perform a variety of contact UT techniques, including longitudinal wave for thickness measurements, shear wave for weld inspection and surface wave methods.


2.       Magnetic Particle (MT)

Magnetic Particle testing is an economical means of detecting surface and slightly subsurface defects in all-ferromagnetic materials. MT can find extremely small defects such as cracks, seams and laminations that could cause component failure. This method is ideal for rapid maintenance testing or critical equipment such as cranes, crane hooks, forklifts and other lifting devices.


3.       Liquid Penetrant (PT)

Liquid Penetrant testing utilizing fluorescent and visible methods is used to locate surface defects on any nonferrous surface. PT is sensitive to very small defects including cracks, seams, pits and other defects open to the surface.


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